Tuesday, October 30, 2007

early morning prayers

I'm staying in the Akasaka area of Tokyo this week, which has a number of small temples scattered around its winding streets. This morning before heading over to the show venue, I stopped by a few of these peaceful and secluded spots.

The rest of this week's pictures will be of a *very* different nature. The 100% Design Show will begin tomorrow, and I'm so excited to see it up and running. :)

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carta,inc. said...

Dear Rebecca,
you trip to Tokyo seems more then amazing! Thank you for sharing pictures of all these beautiful places in Tokyo. Japan is the country that most I would like to visit in the world! of course, for the love of washi, as well as everything else.

I wish you the best for the design event tomorrow. I will look forward to seeing and reading more in the next days!

Buon viaggio!