Tuesday, July 03, 2007

nihongo de toppaninsatsu

I'm going to try a little departure from the normal today. Long long ago (after graduating college) I moved to the rural prefecture of Tochigi-ken in Japan to teach junior high english. I lived there for two years, and had a wonderful experience. Lately I've been getting reader traffic from Japan, so I thought it might be fun to brush off my language skills and post in Japanese. I did have this entry looked over for any major errors, but feel free to let me know if you see any glaring oddities.

Konnichiwa, Moontree Letterpress no Rebecca desu. Americajin dakedo ju-nen mae Nihon ni sunde imashita. Dakara chotto nihongo hanasemasu. Konkai, Nihonjin wa watashi no toppaninsatsu no burogu o yomimasu. Sugoi desho! Watashi no nihongo wa heta dakedo korekara mo nihongo de burogu gambarimasu. (tokidoki) Romaji wa daijobu? Shitsumon to 'comments' mo onegai shimasu... :) ('Letterpress' wa nihongo de 'toppaninsatsu' desu ka?) Korekara mo yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

PS: here are some shots from a wedding invitation I delivered today.


riddle said...

Konnichiwa, Rebecca.
Nihonngo no burogu arigatougozaimasu.

I'm happy to hear that you had lived in Japan! And you are good at Japanese.

Your letterpress is very beautiful!!

moontree said...

Nihon wa tanoshikatta. Comment ni arigato! Doko ni sunde imasu ka?