Friday, April 27, 2007

thanks diego

Well, the move finally happened on Wednesday and it well incredibly well! Here are some shots of the press being loaded and moved. To get it through the door they needed to take it off the skid, which makes me wonder how we got it in two years ago? The bottom two shots are the new studio (which looks hilariously similar to the old one). If anyone needs to move a press in the NYC area let me know and I'll give you Diego's info. He did a great job, and is a *really* nice guy.

Next up is Dimitri the electrician, who will hook up the press to the 3-phase wiring in the building. Heidelbergs require special voltage so they don't just plug into the wall. I'm going to take some photos and post those next.


INV/ALT design said...

wow, congrats on your successful move! when will you be back in business?

Avi It Is said...

hey rebs, sweet pics, love your work. hope the new place treats you well.