Sunday, March 11, 2007

the handmade wedding

I'll be writing a guest piece for the Design*Sponge blog for the next two weeks. The topic is the "handmade wedding", I hope you'll check in and enjoy!


cally said...

Wow fantastic because a) it;s a great theme and b) it has meant i've discovered your blog!

I emailed you before christmas to as about your lovely Greeting Cards - Style 2004 (Pack of 6) on ETSY.

I was hoping to persuade someone to buy me them for a present, no luck, they insisted on buying things I didn't want instead. But you are still on my wish list.

And now I can visit this blog to see your other work too. Very nice indeed.

jill said...

i'm so excited that you are doing this topic! i'm totally looking forward to your posts!

Kenzie said...

Your work is beautiful!!! I have always wanted to learn how to letterpress. How did you start out?
Keep up the awesome work!