Sunday, February 11, 2007

the great scrap debate

I printed a large job this weekend using various colors of wastenot paper. In the end, I found myself with about two thousand 3.5"x8.5" scraps. I stood looking at the heap for a while, wondering if I should possibly hold onto such a huge pile paper that I may or may not ever use.

Back in my early printing days, I kept almost every piece of scrap paper larger than business card size. Before long my shelves were totally cluttered and merely glancing over there made me feel disorganized. I have a lot less overage these days, mostly because I can more accurately determine how much paper I'll need before I start. But ocassionally I have lots of extra, and it always pains me to throw it into the recycling bin.

However, this weekend's scraps are tomorrow's treasures. I printed a new stack of business and notecards, and the new colors are making me really happy. This post is a little long, but oddly enough I could talk for hours about paper and when to throw it away.

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It's Fancy Letterpress Studio said...

Great design! I love checking in to see what you have been up to.

I just cleaned up my studio this weekend and I like to keep every scrap that is larger than a business card. You just never know when you need to print something up for a friend or a small business that could use a break on some cool cards. I have been able to save a good design or two because I had some scraps laying around.

After cleaning us I really need to push some more b-card business! I have a ton of scraps.

It's Fancy Letterpress Studio