Monday, December 11, 2006

holiday sale glory

What a fun weekend. Yesterday's sale in the east village was fantastic, and I had a chance to meet loads of great designers and artists. We vendors had to set-up at 8:30am, and I forgot my camera in the confusing haze of the early morning hours. Rats. But one of the highlights of my day was meeting Portland, Oregon artist Amy Ruppel, what a treat.

And after exchanging ornaments in international christmas ornament swap, Vancouver artist Cindy Jaswal and I decided to trade some of our greeting cards. These are just beautiful...thanks so much cindy.


amisha said...

hi there,
it was so nice to meet you on sunday and see your beautiful work in person! (i was the person who had found you through port2port :) ) i'm so excited to sit down and do some holiday card-writing... thank you!

moontree said...

That sale was so fun. Thanks for stopping by, it was nice meeting you too. :)

cindy said...

your very welcome. it's seems canada post is very quick at sending, but not so quick in bringing. i can't wait for the elephants.