Sunday, November 26, 2006

ex libris (part deux)

I finished printing the limited edition bookplates today, all in beautiful neutral inks. They'll be posted for sale on the Design*Sponge shop on December 1st. (I'll post a link when that happens) These were printed on Somerset Textured softwhite 250 gsm.

Holiday printing is in full swing, so I'm working on a number of different things right now. In addition to these bookplates, I printed a wedding and a set of calling cards this weekend. Next week is a large corporate holiday card job, with a lovely design submitted by the company art director. I'll post some pictures of that, permission permitting.


Megan said...

Can I ask what kind of plates you use? How do you get that nice deep impression?

moontree said...

Thanks! In this case, it is a result of the paper. Somerset is very soft and plush, and always takes an amazing impression.